Logusgyn CLX

Logusgyn CLX

intimate wash | 250 ml

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Therapeutic Areas

  • Indications

    LOGUSGYN® INTIMATE CLEANSER is a soothing, protective and refreshing intimate solution, formulated with mild surfactants.
    Aloe vera gel ensures an effective soothing and moisturizing action, the lactic acid maintains the intimate pH slightly acidic, supporting the natural defense capabilities.

  • Based on

    Aloe vera, Lactic acid, Chlorhexidine 0.2%

    • Parabens, petrolatum, silicon, colouring agents, SLS, PEG, copolymers, hiazolinones, EDTA and SLES.
    • Fragrance without allergens.
    • Nichel tested (<1 ppm).

  • Use

    Adults: wash with 1-2 doses diluted in water or directly on the palm of the hand. Massage until a soft foam is obtained and rinse with plenty of water. It can be used several times a day, as needed.

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